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Today physical locations are a touchpoint in the marketing mix not yet optimally leveraged by all marketers. It’s an available asset, but not fully exploited. Today’s best online experiences are amazing, but indoor media experiences are quickly catching up and go beyond. Progress is driven by the latest generation of (touch) screens, sensor, trigger, mobile, social, augmented reality, data and analytic technologies.

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Indoor Engagement Media can provide new levels
of true experience value.


You can do this by:

  • Understanding the audience
  • Integrate Social, Local, Mobile technologies to secure a lot of experience value in the indoor environment.


Your indoor engagement platform will

  • Engage the audience.
  • Conveye the message.
  • Represent the brand.


Questions we go into:

  1. Why is audience success and the customer journey so important in our experience economy
  2. What is Indoor Engagement Media?
  3. Where should we strike a balance between creating transactions versus leaving our audiences feeling manipulated?
  4. How does neuro marketing fit into all this?
  5. How can we integrate Sensors, Triggers, Data, Analytics in the Indoor Media area
  6. What is the biggest challenge  of Large Scale Multi Location Brands