Art in state of art

Art'Otel wanted to create an experience that is literally larger than life. Cutting through 3 floors of the building, alongside the central staircase visitors are treated with giant audiovisual art pieces where ever they dwell.

The challenge

In order to create an overwhelming experience all conditions must be right: awesome sound and crystal clear images. Flexible enough to transform the hotel from an art gallery to a night club.

And oh... did we mention the experience has to be seamless throughout 3 stories of an old irregular Amsterdam building?

Our solution

Our team of audiovisual most specialized technicians did what they do best. Mapping out every corner of the space we came up with a unique solution in which all equipment is nicely integrated in the architecture. All projectors, cables and speakers out of sight leaving all attention on the art itself.

Download the pdf about this project


The curtains in both sides of the staircase a lit from the ceiling by multiple projectors.

Large video projections transform the environment into whatever is desired.

A seamless integration of equipment brings the largest art piece of Amsterdam to life.


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