Bringing venues and people together

BarDoggy is a startup that you just got to love. They have made their passion, their core business: being in a bar.

BarDoggy uses modern mobile technology to connect people to the best parties, events and venues. The app also stimulates interaction between the venue and their guests. By unlocking special deals and specific games in the app, venues can generate more visitors. While offering them a social media platform on which they can advertise.


The challenge

BarDoggy realized that more could be done with the data they gathered of people visiting bars and venues. They just didn't know how to translate this to something useful. They wanted a tool that would help the venues and event organisers and build their brand, while entertaining their visitors. Besides these conditions, we had carte blanche.


Our solution

What works better in a bar than a good deal and some fun? No one turns down a free drink, right?

With this in mind, we came up with something that is both entertaining and that works in any venue or at any event: the good ol' Wheel of Fortune. Every visitor that has the BarDoggy app installed is automatically a contestant, as soon as they enter the venue. Every 10 minutes the Wheel of Fortune starts to spin and appoints a winner. The winner gets a free drink or snack or another giveaway. A small, fun gesture, that keeps the party going!

Download the pdf about this project

The Wheel of fortune gathers a list of contestants, then spins and picks a winner. The winner is offered a free incentive.

The Bardoggy app establishes the bluetooth connection allowing the contestants to join in.

The wheel of fortune combines promotional deals, user data and great fun.