Our partner Bardoggy discovered a missing link in the hospitality market. No platform existed for consumers to find nice deals and promotions for bars and cafes. And bar owners did not have valuable information of their audience. All together a great business opportunity, a new app was born. When Bardoggy asked our help to develop a fun element in their app, we did not hesitate. We designed a great looking Wheel of Fortune game that easily connects via a media player of the narrowcasting system to screens in the bar. If you have the app, you automatically join the Wheel of Fortune, where you can win a free drink or a plate with appetizers, just while sitting and chatting.

We are very happy with the results and so was Bardoggy who received an Innovation Award for it.
We just love this kind of requests: tech innovation challenge meets the best content in the coolest design ever. That is what we call the WOW effect.



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