How to stay accurate in your communication and engage at the same time

One random example: You do some window shopping, fall in love with a house and step in at the estate agency to find out the house has already been sold. Damn. In this particular case estate agencies like to stay accurate, but don’t have time to do extra tasks. That’s when we step in with our indoor media engagement platform and fix this for you.

Strengthen customer engagement

Co-operative estate agencies Hoekstra & Van Eck and Hendriks Makelaardij were looking for extra opportunities to show their offer of homes for sale in a dynamic way. This was the main reason they knocked on our door for advice. We offered digital signage as window screens to draw attention of audience passing by. Moreover, our Design Lab composed a custom made video program, for each estate agency in their branding and in high quality of course. Then our Tech Lab worked out a smart solution to make it even more efficient.

Seamless connection

To make sure the most accurate homes were shown on screen, we developed a connection with Funda to our digital signage system. Once a house was uploaded in Funda, the next minutes it was shown on screen. Without needed intervention of anyone. Easy and smooth, just the way we like it.

Self control

Any location of the estate agencies can adjust the program if needed. Our range of templates in their specific branding helps them to create new messages quickly. So they stay in control at all times.

Notice helps you building engagement with your audience

And of course this not only for estate agencies. We serve global brands and industries worldwide. We built this amazing indoor engagement platform for digital signage and music with the most features and coolest designs. We love our customers for the innovation challenges they gave us every time in technology, design or content wise. If you have a special request, our Tech and Design Lab are there for you to assist. Just give us a call.

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