Listen To The Music Mix of 2016 – The Best of Notice

Our Music Director, Dion Spiekerman, and his team have composed custom made music playlists for chain retail customers of Notice for more than 10 years now. They compose instore music formats for global brands like adidas and Levi’s to SISSY BOY and Kinki Kappers in The Netherlands. Beside Notice you can enjoy his music in several popular nightspots in Amsterdam under the name DJ Dionysius. Every year he presents his music playlist of last year, we asked him about 2016.

What about the mainstream instore music in 2016?

Dion: “Very neat and no extremes. Use of samples and remakes of old tracks dominate nowadays. 70s 80s funk and disco influences combined with flat 90s R&B hiphop. Even indiebands sound more electronic and smoother. And rock seems gone from the playlists, as it is far too heavy to use instore. Music in 2016 is overall retro, old music in a new jacket.”

Popular artists lack hit singles

Remarkably, many big artists of the 00s/10s like Beyonce, Katy Perry, Pink, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Robbie Williams, Alicia Keys used to score ongoing hit singles. And now, they produce successful music albums but hardly appear in the charts. Trend of co-operation between cool producers and (teenage) winners of tv shows like The X-Factor or The Voice remains. They fill up the charts. As well as Dutch Hip Hop.

Custom made playlist works

Instore music stimulates your customer’s purchasing behaviour, however, it really works out properly if the music fits your brand. Our team translates the brand into the perfect music and composes custom made playlists, of course in close consideration with our customer.

This is how 2016 sounds

True to tradition Dion composed the best instore music mix of last year. Take a seat and enjoy. This is how 2016 sounds.

The perfect music for you

Do you know the advantages of instore music and why it is important to play the music that fits your brand best? Contact us and let Dion and his team compose your perfect playlist.

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