Electro World TV is key to Electro World‘s rebranding. It’s helping elevate its in-store customer experience and putting its core values back in the spotlight. United Retail recently decided to continue operating its Euronics and Electro World brands under just one name.

Notice fitted out a total of 130 Electro World stores with Samsung 43″ screens, wall mounts, and media players. And together, Notice and Electro World are creating a special customer program in the brand’s look & feel for broadcasting across all these screens. This is exposing customers to positive brand imagery, while they wait or browse, and informing them about the latest news or special offers.

Electro World uploads its national special offers and brand-related content to Notice’s centralized Experience Platform for store programming. This allows local store managers to display relevant local news and videos.

The balanced mix of brand imagery, news, and special offers on Electro World TV is transforming potential wait times into powerful branding opportunities and helping raise customer satisfaction levels. Exactly what Electro World was aiming for!