Pick up the vibe, new audiences result into new instore music

Men at Work is a leading multi brand retailer for trendy men’s and women’s fashion in the Benelux. In The Netherlands Men at Work has 40 stores and offers A labels als well as upcoming labels. In the XL stores they provide a podium to creative talents by hosting expositions, events and pop up stores.



The challenge

Notice has created custom made instore music playlists for Men at Work for more than ten years now. At the start Men at Work focused on men, although they sold men’s and women’s fashion. Their music style was hard, hard electro, urban and house and many cool explicit rap tracks. The past five years Men at Work likes to engage women too. Therefore they asked Notice to adjust the instore music playlists to make both women and men feel comfortable.


Our solution

A new audience means a change in instore music. Our DJs changed the music style into warm, funky songs with a groovy sound, positive vibes and some worldly influences in music. Even the scheme had adjustments. All day long you hear many mid and uptempo tracks. As Men at Work has an open mind for many different music styles from several periods, their instore music is very diverse. On top of that we upload about different 25 tracks every month.

Download the pdf about this project



Make them feel comfortable instore, play music that fits your brand best and engage with your audience.

We adjusted the instore music playlists to make both women and men feel comfortable.

Now you hear many mid and uptempo tracks all day long.