Different areas, different content

Ranzijn is a specialty shop for animals, home and garden and has 14 locations in The Netherlands. Most of the shops also have a veterinarian practice, groomer, dog obedience school and dog washing facilities.


The challenge

Other information and audiences in different areas in the store and veterinarian practice require different digital signage programmes. Furthermore Ranzijn likes to keep their employees well informed via a separate programme. Installation as well as configuration for the many displays per store and the different digital signage programmes is quite a challenge.


Our solution

We installed per area different hardware: Samsung Smart Signage Displays with built-in media players and at the entrance we have kiosks with 55” displays. Notice takes care of all installations to come, which are in full swing right now.

The different programmes include a.o. promotional actions, general information about Ranzijn, infotainment and entertainment. For the employees we composed a separate programme with internal information as well.

Derk Remmelink of Ranzijn: ‘Notice offers an overall solution: they make sure the entrepreneur has no worries, facilitate supply and installation and create the best productions possible. They do things right and all they deliver is above expectations. To my opinion Notice is unique.’

Download the pdf about this project


Overall solution for digital signage installation in different areas with different content