Never stop exploring

As outdoor specialist, The North Face loves to bring the "spirit of the great outdoors" to its customers indoors; playing along with the changes of the seasons and the relevant products.

The challenge

Trees, leaves, rain or sunshine. How do we get the outdoor feeling in-store in our new The North Face's flagship store on London's Regent Street?




Our solution

We have used 14 screens in 4 different areas. The most eye-catching ones are the screens against the ceiling; showing the weather as it is outside. In close cooperation with the interior designer, we have built a tree, where screens bring the illusion of moving leaves and branches.

Besides using our digital screen technology to create an outdoors’ atmosphere in-store, other screens help to promote their range of outdoor apparel and equipment. The North Face flagship store deploys multiple screens, showcasing footage of adventurous activities and outdoor pursuits.

Download the pdf about this project

THE NORTH FACE | outdoors' atmosphere in-store



Multiple screens seamless integrated in the interior design brings the spirit of the great outdoors to the customers indoors


Flagship store on London Regent Street