Shopping is cool, interactive style

Tumble ‘N Dry is originally a Dutch kids clothing brand. Created in 2007, Tumble 'N Dry had the ambition to create and develop a fun, rugged, active and playful lifestyle brand for boys and girls in the age of 0-12 years.


The challenge

Parents like their kids to join shopping and see if clothing fits. To reduce the waiting for kids and even make it a bit of a party to visit Tumble ‘N Dry, they need a special device for their younger customers. Just watching a display instore is not enough to keep them calm and engaged. Tumble ‘N Dry was looking for an interactive device to entertain kids while their parents could patiently wander instore.

Our solution

Notice already delivers instore music for 4 locations. Now we developed a cool tablet with interactive apps. Kids can watch movies, listen to their favorite music or play games. We upload the latest music tracks every month and vary in movies and games regularly. Shopping can last forever now for kids.

Download the pdf about this project


Interactive media engages your audience and results in happy customers