Menu TV

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Easy to edit, pleasing to the eye, and professional looking.
Look no further than Notice Branded Media’s digital menu solutions for your café, restaurant, or catering business. Create an exciting new experience with digital menus by entertaining your customers while they wait or give them a mouthwatering peek behind the scenes with high-quality video content. What’s more, you can alter your selection, prices, or special offers quickly and easily from your smartphone, tablet, or desktop with our easy-to-use software.

Digital menus also give a professional, modern look & feel and certainly act as an eye-catcher in virtually any setting.

What are the benefits of digital menus?

  • adjust your pricing quickly and easily
  • interface menus with your POS system
  • target your content programming, for example, breakfast/lunch/dinner
  • immediately remove dishes that have sold out
  • display mouthwatering photos or videos
  • manage content remotely, centrally, or locally

Menu TV – the ultimate solution for your menus



What’s possible with a digital menu system?

  • upload images or videos
  • use pre-supplied templates
  • edit menus on the fly from your laptop or tablet with a click of a button

    You can combine photos, written content, or animations to communicate as effectively and esthetically as possible. Simply log in to your account, make your edits, and refresh your screens – all in a matter of a few seconds.

And much, much more besides …


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Technology has become indispensable in modern-day life and enriches it in so many ways. And nowadays, digital screens play a part in almost everybody’s lives. Discover all the options!

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