So, what does your brand sound like?

And doesn’t your brand deserve its own sound?


Having your own in-store music makes a statement

Music’s magic. Music lives in us. Music moves us.

The right choice of background music sparks emotions, and emotions create a bond. And isn’t that exactly what you want? A deeper connection between your brand, store, and customers.

We provide peace of mind …

We create and develop …

First of all, we get to know your business, brand, customers and stores. We then help you put together a strategy and select the genre, style, artists, and energy level that work for you. And our in-house DJs have a particularly keen ear for production quality, appropriateness, lyrics, etc.
The end result is a unique in-store sound that reflects your brand identity and resonates with your customers.

We distribute and manage …

Programming your in-store music is also simple – in fact, we’ll manage your music for you through our own music distribution platform. We can distribute your music to all your stores wherever they may be around the world.

So, you can rest assured your customers get an optimal brand experience – anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

So much is possible with music.

Your own brand music can play an important role as part of your events, product launches, advertising campaigns, websites, and store openings.

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Our solutions

Custom in-store music

A sound and vibe that reflect your brand identity with your own in-store music programming.


Communicate clearly and concisely with your customers by adding messaging and special offers to your programming. What!? You don’t have any commercials yet? No problem … we can produce commercials for you, too! With a wide network of voice-over artists, we always have just the right voice for your brand.

Royalty-free music

You don’t have to worry about music royalties, either! In addition to all available ‘regular’ repertoire, we have a huge library of royalty-free music – tracks for every occasion and at lower cost, too.

Music anytime, anyplace, anywhere

It’s hard to think of an event or occasion for which we don’t have the perfect music … fashion shows, product launches, advertising campaigns, websites, store openings, mobile apps. Put us to the test!

Our DJs’ seasonal selection

Countless national and international retail chains and brands turn to us for our media solutions. Solutions that help them hit the mark with just the right music and video, in the right place, at the right time.

What our clients say about us ...


This summer’s music trends!

What are the ingredients for an in-store summer hit?

Gyms reopen their doors!

Our health & fitness clients recently received the news they’d been waiting for for so long – they could open their doors to their members once again. We’ve built up quite a respectable portfolio of clients in the health & fitness sector over the years.

CIGO reveals new concept with Digital Signage from Notice

Eight screens located in various zones throughout the store allow the partners to communicate clearly and concisely with their customers

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