Help visitors find their way

Make it easy for visitors to find their way around your premises, whether it’s a shared office building, a shopping mall, a campus building, or a hospital.

Our Wayfinder either supports or replaces a reception desk and provides your visitors with an extra level of service. You can communicate clearly and concisely through the Wayfinder’s touchscreen display and even allow your visitors to sign in on arrival.


Most people want to get in and out as fast as possible

Time is of the essence, and most of us just want to enter a store, grab what we need, and be on our way. So, make it as quick and easy as possible for your shoppers by displaying a store map on our Wayfinder’s screen, pinpointing where everything is and what they’ll find in each aisle.

With the right approach, your customers will be right where they want to be in no time, making their customer experience so much more pleasurable.

Your own look & feel

Needless to say, you can personalize our Wayfinder however you want. We provide the Wayfinder as reliable hardware and content management platform for you to customize in your organization’s brand identity: logos, color schemes, etc. We’re constantly developing and improving the Wayfinder still further and are convinced it can make a real difference in your premises. So, get in touch with us with any questions, requests, modifications, or suggestions you may have!

Wayfinder – leading the way


Wayfinding at hotels

Ever heard of ‘hotel wayfinding’ or seen this type of Digital Signage system while staying at a hotel? It’s also called ‘Hotel Signage ’. In a nutshell, hotel narrowcasting helps your guests navigate spaces they’re still unfamiliar with. And this provides a greater sense of safety, trust, and comfort.
You can map even the most complex of hotels with a series of floor plans, each specific to a particular hotel room, or in communal areas (reception areas, corridors, and elevators) leading the way to a specific area such as the restaurant, bar, or spa.

And much, much more besides …

Anywhere & everywhere

Technology has become indispensable in modern-day life and enriches it in so many ways. And nowadays, digital screens play a part in almost everybody’s lives. Discover all the options

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