Once again, Innovation Award nominations for FunXtion

We’re really proud to announce that FunXtion has been nominated for FIBO Innovation awards in not one, but two categories!

In the category ‘Performance’, the FunXtion Workout Creator. And in the category ‘Digital Fitness’, the FunXtion Experience Multiscreen – a system that allows gyms to run multiple training programs on multiple screens simultaneously and integrate music and lighting to create a truly encompassing experience. 

Both were developed for FunXtion by Notice as part of the FunXtion Experience Station (FES) – a multi-device cloud platform that provides gym members with a fun, inspiring, and, above all, safe environment in which to work out. They can also keep track of their performance and share information with friends and workout buddies through FES.

Personal trainers and gym owners can also create their own workout programs and upload these to the system quickly and easily. What’s more, it’s simple to manage FES either locally or remotely.

FES effectively combines the physical and digital worlds into a gym setting, creating an added stimulus to train and helping gym members and trainers alike to manage their time more efficiently.

The FIBO Innovation Award nominations acknowledge the value of FunXtion’s innovative, forward-looking approach to health and fitness.