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Point your visitors in the right direction and improve their visitor experience

Notice provides an onscreen overview of the different rooms in the building and enables visitors to quickly and easily find the room they are looking . This is particularly useful for conference rooms, corporate office buildings and healthcare institutions such as hospitals.

The look and feel of Wayfinding TV can be customised to match your style.

People want to spend as little time as possible in a store.

They just want to get what they need and return quickly to the safety of their homes. With Easyscreen’s Wayfinding templates, you can display your retailer’s map on the screen in stores. It shows users where everything is and what they can find in each aisle.

If you guide them, customers will be in and out in no time and you will make their experience much less stressful.

Your own look & feel, our starting point

Personalise: This product offers a reliable solution for hardware and content management. Add your company logo- or adjust colours.
We've developed this product with great care for the application and continue to develop it. Do you have any questions, desires, modifications and / or additions for this product? We are convinced we can make it suitable for your environment too, so just let us know what you need!

Wayfinding: Offering guidance


Hotel Wayfinding: Best Examples

Have you heard of Hotel wayfinding or wayfinding in hotels? Have you ever seen this digital signage system for hotels, also called Hotel digital signage?

When you stay in an establishment? In this post we show you everything you need to know and what are the best examples of wayfinding.

The wayfinding is a signaling system that responds to the needs of the guests and guides them in a space that they do not know. This method of communication offers greater security, confidence and comfort, anticipating the needs of the hotel's clients and avoiding uncertainty and chaos.

The wayfinding in a hotel could be said to consist of a series of maps that facilitate access to all the rooms of an establishment, even the most complex hotels.

It is usually located at the entrances and elevators of the hotel; In addition, they can attract visitors to specific areas, such as the restaurant, bar or spa, among others.

And much, much more besides

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Technology has become the main ally of society and an essential element during the day to day. Today, almost everyone is guided by digital screens.

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