A cloud-based multi-device open platform that makes functional training safe, effective, accessible, motivational and fun inside and outside for exercisers of all skill levels.

Today’s fitness industry is an ever-expanding world where physical presence and digital presence intertwined like never before. When time is scares you want to optimize the time you spend in the gym but you also want the quality of working with a personal trainer. Funxtion together with Notice branded media developed an experience station where fitness members get best of both worlds where they can participate in a wide variety of different workouts that will be connected to a unique account number. This will allow the user to keep track of its scores and share their achievements with they’re friends and gym buddies. There is a large database of specially designed workouts to choose from and there is a custom CMS that allows gyms and individual trainers to custom create workouts thru a web portal and schedule these workouts on the Funxtion experience station. Larger franchise fitness companies can schedule and control individual stations from one location and grant permissions to individual users. Besides having complete control of the content, a unique dashboard displays all user data in one spot.