Game Mania is a Belgian retail chain made up of 90 stores selling computer games and gaming computers throughout the Benelux and has a significant share of the Dutch market in terms of in-store sales. Although sales have shifted to online portals, its bricks-and-mortar stores continue to play a crucial role, providing visitors and customers alike an experience and expertise they appreciate.

Notice Branded Media has been creating custom in-store music and video programs on Game Mania’s behalf since 2014. It produces new content for all in-store media screens promoting the latest games, upcoming releases, and special offers.


Game Media had a number of requirements. Primarily, it requested music playlists that would appeal to its relatively broad target audience. Secondly, it wanted to automatically connect its system information to its in-store video displays.

One specific requirement involved automatically displaying an onscreen countdown to the release of a particular game without the need for store manager intervention.


Our DJ Team got the ball rolling by compiling several custom music playlists. Game Mania’s marketing manager, Tom Henderikx, recounts, ‘From the get-go, Notice understood our requirements perfectly. Their regular music updates are always spot on.’

Music and videos update automatically and countdowns also appear automatically in the Game Mania house style.

Henderiks adds, ‘Sometimes, we need to change material really quickly or request special programming for one of our annual night shop openings. Notice takes care of everything. We never have to worry about a thing.

We’re more than satisfied with Notice’s quality levels, their extensive automation knowledge, and – above all – their flexibility. Their smart connectivity and engaging media solutions work perfectly for our gaming audiences and employees alike.’