Game Mania

Game Mania is a Belgian retail chain of 90 shops selling computer games and game computers in the Benelux. Since 2014 Notice creates custom made instore music and video programmes for Game Mania. As one of the key players in the Netherlands Game Mania provides a large portion of physical game sales. Although sales shifted to online portals Game Mania has a large number of physical stores that doesn’t just sell games but delivers an experience for visitors as well as providing the right expertise on the spot. Notice Branded Media provides constant content on all instore media screens displaying the latest games, upcoming releases and the best deals.



The first request was to compose playlists with music that are appealing to the very broad target group of Game Mania. And the second one was to automatically connect system information to displays in the shops. A specific wish is showing the countdown of days to a certain release of a game on screen without intervention of shop managers.



After a few intakes with the team of DJs Game Mania got their custom made music playlist that fits like a glove. Tom Henderikx, Marketing Manager of Game Mania, explains: ‘As from the start Notice understands our wishes. Even their regular music updates are bull’s eye.’ Notice programmes the indoor music and video automatically. One of the smart connections is the countdown of game releases appears on screen automatically, in Game Mania branding of course.

‘Sometimes we need to change material very quickly or ask for special programs for one of our yearly night shop openings. Notice takes care of everything, we never have to worry. High quality of their deliveries, their extensive knowledge of automation and the flexibility of Notice creators makes us a satisfied customer.’


Smart connections and engaging media work best for our gaming audience and employees.